Friday, 20 April 2012

Wanted to Share

Not only am I new to the world of blogging I am new to all things scrapping, well that is when it comes to online.  Me and a few friends catch up once a week to scrap and I have even been introduced to skype scrapping, I am finding that to fun as I don't have to pack everything I can just work directly from my craft room.

Scrapbooking isn't the only hobby I have although it does take up a big chunk of my free time, I also like to do needle point and since surfing the net and joining up on all sorts of websites I have started to receive some awesome DIY project notifications.  I just wanted to share this one I received this morning, I know the project requires you to  make these in are really large size but I was thinking they could be re sized and made to fit a page.  What do you think???



These beautiful blooms, believe it or not are made from Crepe paper and wire.  So I thought this weekend I would give it ago and make them for a page.

Well everyone I am off to create, I am really enjoying all the projects over at Colorful Creations so if you looking for something to do this weekend why not come on over and see for yourself.

Happy Days

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